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From the artist's studio to the roaring crowd at stadiums, every Giant Helmet piece tells a story.


Learn more about the unique Giant Helmet story, from our company origins to our mission to inspire and give back!



Giant Helmet was founded by Steven Strickland, a passionate sports fan whose love for the intricate designs on hockey goalie masks laid the foundation for what would soon become a game-changer in sports art and memorabilia.


Steven admired the beauty of the artwork displayed on goalie helmets, especially the work done by his cousin Gerald, an airbrush artist who paints helmets for local goaltenders in Pickering, Ontario.


Steven watched Gerald and other artists create these beautiful designs on equipment but realized that fans could only appreciate the details of the art if they were up close to the mask.

Photo Apr 17, 9 47 06 AM.jpg


In 2016, Giant Helmet produced a prototype for the Detroit Red Wings to commemorate the franchise’s 25th consecutive playoff appearance and gifted it to the team in April 2016.


The Red Wings put it outside Joe Louis Arena, and the enormous mask became an immediate sensation, with fans virally sharing the art piece on social media.


Steven envisioned showcasing the sports art on a grander scale... rather, a Giant scale.


The result? Steven launched Giant Helmet, found a fabricator to produce massive fiberglass helmets, and partnered with his cousin Gerald to offer custom paint jobs with any design a team desires.

Voodoo Air


Riding the wave of the initial prototype's success, Giant Helmet received orders from dozens of professional teams in the NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLB, and CFL, and produced hundreds of goalie masks for Canadian Tire and the Molson Brewing Company.


Today, Giant Helmet offers their services to design, fabricate, paint, and ship art pieces, and have extended beyond hockey masks to include football helmets, soccer balls, player replicas - anything a customer can come up with. 

Photo Dec 29, 11 08 01 AM.jpg
Giant Helmet Barstool Sports Pardon My Take Big Cat


Even the  Pardon My Take team (Barstool Sports) noticed the attention to detail right away!


Giant Helmets aren't just promotional tools, but timeless works of art to be cherished and celebrated for years. Every piece is a testament to our commitment to art, innovation, and sports fans' passion.

That said, the company mission here at Giant Helmet is bigger than just growing the business.


In 2018, Steven became ill from battling Cystic Fibrosis and entered end-stage lung disease.


As of 2023, Steven continues fighting. His mission is to use his art pieces to give back to the CF community and other organizations, inspiring others with his passion and strength as he awaits a lung transplant.

Giant Helmet In The News


"Art that's larger than life and memories that last forever. This is our legacy at Giant Helmet."

-Steven Strickland, Founder

Give your fans lasting memories with a
Giant Helmet - contact us to learn more!

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